Earn $PLS Rewards by Staking $MINT

Mintra’s NFT marketplace revenue sharing model allows $MINT stakers to passively earn $PLS via marketplace fee volume on all NFT sales.

Stake $MINT


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How Does $MINT Staking Work?

Staking $MINT gives users the option to “be the house” as they receive a share of all marketplace fee volume in the form of $PLS rewards.

  • Stake $MINT

    Staking $MINT does not include hard timelocks, penalties, nor additional fees. The user simply pays a PulseChain network fee to stake, unstake, or claim $PLS rewards.

  • Staking Rewards

    1% of all marketplace volume will get distributed proportionally as $PLS rewards for $MINT stakers.

  • Buy & Burn

    If it wanted to, the Mintra fee2Address could use 0.25% of all marketplace fee volume to purchase $MINT on the open market and burn it.